Services Offered


Amongst the services Gerry’s offers are:


•  24 hour Towing and Recovery  Gerry's have 3 heavy tow vehicles, 4 medium tow vehicles (rollbacks) and 2 light tow vehicles. We are registered with R.M.I, N.T.A and the A.A. gallery button

•  Contipartner Tyre Dealer and Fitment Centre Gerry's is an official Conti-Partner tyre agent gallery button

 • 24 hour Workshop for cars and trucks Gerry's has a unique A.A registered workshop which can handle all heavy duty, medium and light repairs. The workshop is linked to a fully stocked spares department and has one-of-a-kind air workshop, where boosters can be reconditioned or repaired.  gallery button

 • Shell Service Station and Convenience Shop Gerry's Motors is currently ranked the 8th Shell site in South Africa on the Mystery Market Survey for service excellence. Our Shell Service Station and Convenience Shop run 24 hours daily and during public holidays, offering you quality service and value for money. gallery button

 • Hydraulic Pipes We have our own hydraulic section where all types of pipes can be made to suit the customers' needs. gallery button

 • Forklift Hire Our forklift is used for Trans shipping loads onto trucks. It is also used for overloads, as well as loads that need to be re packed.

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Budget Car Rental

We are a franchisee of Budget Rent a Car, and offer a range of vehicles to rent at our premises. gallery button


Hazmat Unit to contain Spills and Soil Rehabilitation

We have a fully equipped Hazmat unit to deal with minor and major spillages. We also do soil rehabilitation. We have a variety of different pumps to pump hazardous material. This unit has an equipped vehicles and trailer ready to resond to your needs and emergency situations. gallery button



We supply this absorbent in kits, as well as in bulk. Kenasorb is the best low cost, granular, organic absorbent product available. It offers superior performance in the clean-up of land, water, or hard surface spills, restoring contaminated sites, as it is biodegradable and non-toxic.

 • Water Tanker We supply and deliver water in bulk, and we supply water to the local fire department when there is an emergency.

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 • Tyres We do roadside repairs on tyres, and we have 3 trailers with compressors. We also specialise in truck tire fitment. We are a supplier of steel and alloy truck rims. We are one of the only places in the country where you can purchase tyres and have them fitted 24 hours.  gallery button

 • Spares We have a variety of car and truck spares and a large stock of truck trailer spares available 24hours.

 • Truck Stop
We have a new truck stop located on Albert Street (off the Estcourt North turn off), which in the process of further development. We have mechanics, electricians, tow trucks, water tanker, and other services on call for service or towing at the truck stop. It is also a storage facility for trucks. gallery button

 • Scrap Yard
Our scrap yard is located beside the truck stop and managed by Peter Barnard, 083 400 1317. We obtain second hand parts and spares from several vehicles (eg: door handle, windscreen) as well as repair vehicles. gallery button

 • Transportation of agricultural equipment and hay bales  We have recently begun transporting various agricultural equipment (tractors, balers, etc) as well as hay bales around the country and neighbouring countries.  gallery button